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The Spartan Group has developed and implemented solutions for clients in over 30 countries over more than a decade by focusing on three fundamentals:

  • Customer Service- Creating value for customers and consumers is the basic requirement fro success in consumer products, regardless of the market or product.

  • Superior Execution- Performing the daily cycle of activities at every level of the production/distribution /consumer sales supply chain cycle more productively, more quickly, and more profitably creates substantial, sustainable improvements for our clients.

  • Profitability- Just as efficiency and effectiveness need to be balanced, so do revenue and cost. Emphasizing profitability maintains the focus on this balance and on delivering tangible results, which is why businesses exist in the first place.
The Spartan Group brings management experience, functional expertise, and in-depth knowledge gained in a variety of global markets to each client engagement. We build a project team with the right mix of talents, and use them to prioritize opportunities, create practical solutions that take advantage of those opportunities, and deliver substantial and sustainable results.

We fit together the pieces of the puzzle - people, systems, and assets - in new and better ways to deliver significant improvements to each business: better customer service, improved daily execution, greater profitability.

As we said at the outset, we are change agents. We apply the theoretical with a firm grounding in the practical realities of each market. Our focus is not on leaving our clients with a voluminous report and a plan, but rather with a working, improved business, and possessing the knowledge to continue to move that business forward themselves.

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