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The Spartan Group was founded in 1995. Our original partners, as well as those who have joined us in the 13 years since, have worked both as consultants and line managers in regional, national, and multi-national consumer products businesses. We think having lived the day-to-day profit responsibility of line management helps us find better, more practical, longer lasting solutions for our clients.

There are four themes that have been common to all our work since our first project:

    Business begins with the customer. Everything a business does ultimately derives from a single purpose - serve the customer. Do it well, and you survive. Do it better than the competition, and your business grows. Anticipate the customer and competitor, and dominate your market.

    Everything we do in evaluating markets and businesses, creating processes and solutions, and implementing change is measured back against this basic metric - have we improved the service to customers that they value? Improvements that make a business more productive, faster, and more profitable cannot be achieved and maintained unless the customer is well served first.

    Profit is the best measure of success. There can be many benchmarks and key performance indicators to judge the performance of individual processes or business functions. But in the end, the profitability of the business is the key measure of success. Costs, revenues, productivity all matter, but if change does not increase profitability, how can it be successful?

    Everything is connected. Everything in a business or a market is interconnected - a change in one thing produces changes in others. Sales impacts Logistics, impacts Production and Procurement, impacts Finance and Human Resources. Consumers impact Customers, impact Competitors, impact Markets. And each piece has some effect on everything else in the business and larger market system.

    The Spartan Group works across disciplines, across business functions and units, to insure that the consequences of change are identified and addressed. This helps insure that the whole business moves ahead, that a fix in one area is supported by the rest of the business, and does not just break something else or have some other unintended consequence.

    Teach a man to fish... and you feed him for life. We think a project is an excellent opportunity for managers throughout an organization to expand their knowledge, get deeply involved in parts of the business they are not normally exposed to, and see their business and market in new ways. Beyond the what and how of change, we work to teach the rationale, the context, the why, of the problems and solutions. Managers who understand why something works are more capable of adapting to whatever environment the future brings.

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