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The Spartan Group works across the traditional Sales/Marketing, Production, and Financial disciplines to identify, assess, and solve client problems. Our thorough, bottom up approach to evaluating businesses and markets, coupled with the creation of innovative solutions, helps us turn clients' issues into valuable opportunities. The rapid implementation, refinement, and roll-out of well crafted solutions allows our clients to achieve tangible bottom line results quickly.

Some of the broad areas our projects touch on are shown below. The specific activities in any given project vary with the needs of that situation. Some examples of the project work we have done can be seen following the how we work link.

  • Internal Processes
    • Supply Planning
    • Facility Configuration
    • Manufacturing Systems
    • Logistics Systems
    • Warehousing Operations
    • Inventory Management and Control
    • Loading Operations
    • Fleet Operations
  • External Processes
    • System Design
    • Execution Standards
    • Product Portfolio Management
    • Merchandising
    • Delivery Logistics Design
    • Field Supervision
    • System Management
    • Third Party Provider Management
  • Feedback and Control
    • Sales Settlement
    • Route Management Systems
    • Inventory/Stock Management
    • Field Execution Assessment
    • Demand Planning
    • Activity Based Costing
    • Key Indicator Reporting
    • Indirect Information Systems
  • Strategic Initiatives
    • Product Strategy
      • Product Portfolio Strategy
      • New Product Development and Introduction
      • Product Acquisition and Divestiture
    • Business Structure
      • Business Acquisition and Divestiture
      • Due Diligence Evaluation
      • Outright Acquisition
      • Joint Venture Partnering
      • Third Party Provider Affiliation
    • Asset and System Structure
      • Greenfield Studies
      • Supply Chain Optimization
      • Facility Location
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